In response to the latest government guidelines we are now only open for patients that need essential care to avoid unnecessary suffering and maintain animal welfare, as well as for urgent and emergency cases. 


In order to help you understand the best way to look after your pet please review the below Q&A

What conditions constitute an emergency needing immediate care?

If your pet presents with any of the following please contact us IMMEDIATELY so we can arrange to see you at our Evesham hospital.

  • Breathing difficulties

  • Open wound injuries

  • Trauma (e.g. car accidents)

  • Male cats struggling in the litter tray to pass urine

  • Rabbits not eating or passing faeces

  • Flystrike in rabbits

  • Swallowing hazards clothes etc

  • Ingestion of poison/harmful substances

  • Eye problems

  • Vomiting or diarrhoea especially if your pet appears quiet or depressed or if it is going on for a long time (more than 24 hours)

  • Swollen abdomen or retching (especially large dogs)

  • Not eating or drinking

  • Struggling to give birth

  • Seizing/fitting

  • Collapse


This list is not exhaustive so if you have any concerns about your pet CALL us on 01386 446095


If the advice is to come into practice please follow the advice on the EMERGENCY VISITS

I am concerned about my pet’s health in general but I do not think it is an emergency?

To respect social distancing rules we are replacing our standard consultation service with video and telephone consultations. Please contact the practice to arrange an appointment.

The price for a video or telephone consultation is £42.

Can I bring my pet in for an INITIAL VACCINATION COURSE?

Following the Government's extension to lockdown we will now be offering initial vaccination courses to puppies, kittens and rabbits on a case by case basis according to risk assessment.

If you have a puppy and are self-isolating, we recommend that they are kept inside and not exposed to other dogs. You should book a vaccination course as soon as possible after normal service resumes. 

We are recommending all young animals have a skype consult first, whether coming in for a vaccine now or a later date to discuss feeding, worming, flea treatment, neutering, etc.


Can I bring my pet in for its ANNUAL VACCINATION BOOSTER?

We can offer booster vaccinations now on a case by case basis according to risk assessment. 


  • All rabbits who are due their myxomatosis vaccine and RHD vaccine should be kept up to date with their inoculations if possible, due to the risk of those diseases in this area.

  • Adult cat boosters can be delayed for up to 3 months so if your cat is due now, we recommend postponing but please ring the practice for advice.

  • We are advising if, following assessment, your dog is found to be at risk (farm dogs, working dogs, swimmers, any dogs in a rural settling that potentially could come into contact with rats) booster vaccination for Leptospirosis should go ahead when they are due.

Can I bring in my pet my for a HEALTH CHECK?

Not at this moment in time because this is not deemed urgent, however we can offer your PHC health check via a video or telephone consultation. Please ask the practice for further information.

Can I bring my pet in for NAIL CLIPS? Or to have their ANAL GLANDS expressed?

This should be postponed if you your pet is not in any danger of feeling discomfort. If you are uncertain whether this is the case, please arrange a video consultation or telephone consultation with a Vet.  Although there will be a charge for telephone and video consultations, should your pet then need to come to the practice there will not be an additional consult charge on top.

How can I get my FLEA, WORM, TICK and FLYSTRIKE treatments?

It is important that you continue to give your pet the appropriate treatments.  We are now offering a postal service and are sending medications by recorded mail so that you are able to track the parcel and we are certain that they will arrive with you safely.  You are still able to collection medications from the practice, please follow the visit guideline when doing so.

As we are trying to minimise face-to-face contact, please organise payment over the phone at the time of ordering.


It is important that you continue to give your pet the appropriate food and medication.  Animals that are due a prescription check for medication should be booked in for a video/telephone consultation with a Vet.  We can then organise medication where necessary following the above procedure with regards to payment and collection/postage.

Can my pet still have ELECTIVE OPERATIONS such as Neutering and Lumps removals?

We will be assessing neutering on a case by case basis taking in to account your pet’s domestic situation. For example, we would consider neutering cats if they cannot be kept indoors or if they are in mixed sex pairings/groups, for population control.  


Rabbits could be considered for neutering for population control and to prevent aggression if they are kept in social groups.


The practice will deem whether this is critical or not on an individual basis – please contact us to understand more.

The above still hasn’t answered my question?

Please contact us directly on 01386 446095 

Please bear with us during this difficult time. We are operating with reduced staff numbers and as such emergencies will always take priority.

If at all possible, we will be triaging cases via phone or video consult and some re-examinations will be possible using this method as Public Health including the safety of our staff and clients remains paramount.