Photo Competition

After the popularity of our last photo opportunity, de Montfort Veterinary Hospital are looking for some new stars of our vaccination reminder cards.

You've probably received one of our cards before for your cat, dog or rabbit:

Cat Card.jpg
Dog Card.jpg
Rabbit Card.jpg

Unfortunately, infectious diseases are still seen in the UK, but the number and severity of these cases has been greatly reduced thanks to vaccination.

All staff at deMontfort Veterinary Hospital know the importance of vaccination and try to pass this information on to our clients. The diseases we vaccinate against can result in death. We find these cases even more upsetting as we know it could be avoided. As a result, we post you a vaccination reminder card when your pet's booster vaccine is due.

Fancy having your pet as the next local celebrity? Now's your chance. Email us a maximum of 2 photos of your pet to or to our facebook page “deMontfort Veterinary Hospital” before 31st December and not only could your pet be the new face of de Montfort Veterinary hospital's booster reminder cards but you could also get a free booster vaccine.


The perfect photo will be of a landscape orientation, without anything in the background that may stop us being able to use it. The photo mustn't be a professional and can only be accepted by email. So get snapping!

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