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Learn more about what facilities are available at de Montfort

de Montfort Veterinary Hospital is always a hub of activity. There are many areas of work to be done. From consulting with you and examining your pet, through to xrays, blood and other laboratory diagnostic work and operating. Most importantly we strive to provide a caring and sympathetic environment for you and your pet.

​Much of our work takes place in areas of the building that you usually do not see.

Have a glimpse behind the scenes.

Consulting Rooms

We have five consulting rooms. This allows us to have more vets consulting at busy times in the day, allowing us to make appointments more suited to you.


​Our nurses also consult from one of the rooms, helping you with many of the general issues in keeping your pet happy and healthy.


Operations are performed in our well equipped theatre.


​Each pet has a dedicated nurse to monitor them through their operation, aided by the latest anaesthetic monitoring equipment; ensuring your pet is at as minimal risk as possible from their operation.


​We have the surgical equipment needed to perform operations from routine neutering right the way through to complex orthopaedic operations.

X-ray and Ultrasound

We are very proud of our medical abilities and good diagnostic equipment is very important in solving your pet's illness.

Our latest digital x-ray machine plays a large part in helping us diagnose your pet's illnesses. From simple broken bones through to special contrast (special dyes) studies.

We have a specialist ultrasonographer who visits frequently, allowing us to get the accurate diagnoses we require to make your pet better.

Dental Suite

Our Dental Suite utilises the latest equipment to enable us to maintain your pet's teeth.

Our digital dental x-ray allows us to quickly identify those teeth with potential to cause ongoing problems.


We can run many of our diagnostic tests in our own laboratory. This allows us to get a quick answer to many of the medical problems your pet may encounter.

Many illnesses are complex and often require a process of elimination to get an answer to the possible causes. From urine and faecal tests to blood analysis and microscopic examination, we can rule out as many of these in as short a time as possible.

Complex analyses are sent by courier to our external laboratory so results will return by the next day.

Cat Waiting Room

We have two waiting rooms. One is especially for cats and rabbits.


It provides them with a quiet space, away from our canine patients, to reduce the stress of their visit.


​Pheromone vaporisers help to calm their nerves.


We have several kennel wards where our cats, dogs and exotic animals can be housed separately. Infectious cases are looked after in our isolation units.

We have many facilities to ensure your pet is comfortable while receiving their treatment, from heated environments and oxygen cages, to intensive care monitors and electronic intravenous drip pumps.


Our dedicated team of nurses look after your pet throughout the day; our on-site duty nurse tends to their needs overnight.


We have additional giant walk in kennels to house the largest of dogs!

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