When it comes to routine wellness treatments for your pet like microchipping, neutering, flea and worming treatments, not only can the costs mount up, but there’s all the planning and scheduling of appointments too.

The Pet Health Club is the perfect solution.

One simple plan can be set up to cover your pet’s key preventative treatments throughout the year – and not only
do you
save money by spreading the fees across 12 manageable monthly payments, but you also get regular reminders and appointment scheduling too.

Pet Health Club
member benefits

Plan for tomorrow,
start saving today

A healthy pet is a happy pet.

It’s important to keep our pets fully protected against diseases, which is why the plan covers routine vaccinations, such as your pet’s annual booster or primary course vaccinations, plus annual kennel cough vaccine for dogs. The plan also includes two health checks, at vaccination and six months later.

Your plan gives year-round flea and worming protection for dogs and cats, or summertime flystrike protection for rabbits.

Additional benefits include:


• Microchip implant or a £10 voucher to spend in the surgery (one per plan)
• Annual urine test including a sample collection kitº
• Routine nail clips and anal gland expression with a nurse†

So take out a Pet Health Club
plan – save money and have
one less thing to worry about!

Save on fees for regular
wellness treatments

Pricing May 20.png

A convenient and structured plan, tailored
to your pet’s health.


Unlike insurance, which covers accident and illness, a Pet Health Club plan covers the expected, routine treatments your pet needs throughout the year. Pet Health Club plans automatically renew every year, and you
can cancel at any time. If you have had more out of the plan than you have paid in during that plan year, you will need to pay the difference.

To make it simple and as easy for you to manage, we will schedule routine visits and send you reminders, so you never have to worry about missing a vet appointment again. And when the appointment is done, there’s nothing to pay on the day – it’s all covered under your plan!+

Complete the membership form now

and bring it to our reception

You can also save even more with our club discounts:

• 100% OFF insurance claim administration fees
• 50% OFF your first bag of food (once per plan)˜
• 25% OFF life-stage or prescription foods thereafter˜
• 20% OFF selected lifetime medications and neutering
• 10% OFF dental procedures, pet passports, pet shop sales and geriatric screening tests.

˜ Royal Canin, Hill’s, Nature’s Range, Burgess Excel, Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets & ProPlan Expert Care Nutrition ranges as stocked by the vet practice. Subject to availability.

ºFree flow samples only. The test does not include catheterisation or cystocentisis.
†Does not include treatment of broken/injured nails or infected anal glands.

+ Exceptions outside your plan such as additional treatments will be advised and agreed in advance. You will need to pay separately for these